In the cold of -13 degrees, the wounded dog lying on the road was carefully covered with a cloth

Amidst a freezing temperature of -13 degrees, a wounded dog sprawled on the road was delicately draped with a cloth for protection and warmth.


I recently received a post with this content:

This photo could not leave me indifferent. A small dog, somewhat similar to a wolf cub, looks trustfully into the camera, tucking its paws under it. And not surprisingly, at an air temperature of -13 degrees. There is a piece of bread next to it, but from the frost, it has become hard and inedible.

It was necessary to act urgently. I decided to call the phone number that was listed under the message in the hope that the dog was moved to a warmer place.

The girl on the other end of the line said that the dog is in the same place since she lives in rented housing, the owner of which is against animals in the apartment.

Past the will, M. Gorky’s words come to mind: « A man sounds proud. » Today I completely stopped feeling proud that I belong to this species.

It turns out that the little dog spent the whole day in the cold, and not a single passerby paid any attention to it. A frozen, hungry animal no longer arouses people’s sympathy. What guides them? Indifference? Avarice? Disgust or cruelty? How to convey to people that animals cannot heal or feed themselves. They need our help. Is it so hard to pick up the phone and call the service that deals with homeless animals? Or, at least, move it to a warm place.

At my request, the girl found a taxi that agreed to bring Valechka, as we called the dog, to the city of Kursk, where I was at that moment. The taxi driver took 110 rubles, as it was necessary to cover 60 kilometers. Also, for a fee, the taxi driver, upon arrival at the veterinary clinic, had to wait for the arrival of a volunteer, since it was already late at night.

However, Valechka was never diagnosed that night. Only a healing ointment was prescribed. And it was taken for overexposure by a volunteer named Alexander, who already had several animals that required special care.

The rescued dog impressed everyone with its friendliness, quick wit, and calm character. When it was in a lot of pain, it did not whine but licked the hands of the man who took care of it.

We hope that this cute dog will be fine.

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