In a tent in the backyard of her house, a woman found something that looked like a coyote

Lauren Sullivan was taking a walk with her three dogs in the backyard when suddenly the dogs approached the tent, which held various equipment, and started sniffing it vigorously. Lauren realised there was a reason for this. She cautiously opened the tent and found some sort of skinny creature resembling a wild coyote in the corner.

She didn’t know what to do with the animal, but she knew it needed help

Lauren left the animal some food and left. Later, together with her husband, they looked into the tent again to get a glimpse of the sudden visitor.
It turned out to be an ordinary dog, an adult, and very thin

The dog had a bloody wound around its neck, it is not known what it had suffered, but its eyes were definitely begging for help. The Sullivans realised they could keep another dog and took it to the clinic.
The wound on its neck turned out to be deep and infected. The dog was left at the clinic while it was being treated, but Lauren and Sean visited Toby regularly. That’s what they called the poor animal

As soon as Toby was feeling better, the Sullivans decided to take it home. Even though they already had three dogs, the couple just couldn’t leave the poor animal behind.
It had probably escaped from its tormentors, who had kept it on a leash.

Toby is now perfectly happy in its new home!

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