How the RETRIEVER surprised the owners

“This incident happened early in the morning. My husband called me out on the porch to look at something,” recalls the woman from Australia.

When she went outside, she saw her dog Asha and a tiny baby koala clinging to her. It was cool in the morning, about 5 degrees warm, and the marsupial clung to the dog’s fur. Asha looked back at the baby nestled on her back, but made no attempt to shake it off.

“I think a baby koala fell out of my mom’s bag. It could have just wandered onto our porch. When it saw the dog lying there, it decided to warm itself in Asha’s fur. It’s warm and cozy there”, – said the owner of the dog.

The woman believes that the cub could have died if it had not found a warm shelter. In addition, it was in danger from predators.

When the koala was removed from the dog’s back to wrap it in a blanket, it did not like it and hissed. The cub was taken to a veterinarian and he determined that the baby was healthy. When the koala grows up, it will be released into the wild.

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