This story took place in 1998. Jo Ann Altsman and her husband were vacationing in the woods in Pennsylvania. They took their pet pig, Lulu, with them.

While her husband was fishing, Ann had a heart attack and fell to the floor. The woman began calling for help. Lulu was the only one nearby. The pig realized its owner was in danger and squeezed through the pet door and ran outside.

The pig came out onto the road and lay down on the roadway. Several cars drove by, but eventually one stopped. A man got out to see what happened. Lulu immediately jumped up and headed for the house. The man, seeing the cuts on the pig’s body that it had received while squeezing through the door, shouted: “Your pig is in trouble!” In response, he heard: “I’m in trouble, too. I’m having a heart attack. Please call an ambulance.” The woman was taken to the hospital. She managed to survive thanks to the help of a pig.

Lulu won a humanity award, appeared on television shows, and garnered media attention. Most of all she loved French fries. Lulu died in 2003, but is still remembered as the pig who pretended to be dead on the road and saved a person’s life.

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