A cat called Mason was rescued two years ago. It was found in an abandoned house in rural Canada. The cat had a lump on its paw, a tail broken in several places, and kidney failure. It was feral and wouldn’t let anyone near it.

The rescuers doubted whether the feral old cat would be able to get used to humans and the new surroundings. The staff at the animal centre realised that, due to its illness and age, Mason would not be taken in by the family. So one of the staff members took the cat into her home. Gradually, Mason not only began to trust people, but also turned out to be a caring grandfather to stray kittens.

He played with them, licked them and allowed them to sleep in his basket. More than other kittens, a kitty named Aura became attached to Mason. She, a stray cat’s kitten, was born with a cleft palate. If not for the rescuers who fed the baby from a special bottle, she would have died. When Aura grows up, she will have an operation, and the cat will be able to eat on her own.

Most of all, Aura loves to be near her grandfather cat and won’t part with him for a minute. Watch the video to see how she takes care of Mason.

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