Guy left his dog at the airport and flew off without it

Only after checking in did the guy realise that his dog wasn’t going with him. He didn’t realise he needed a carrier for his pet. He decided to tie it up outside the airport and fly without it. Only now he was facing jail or a huge fine.

A 24-year-old man named Bigsen Charles faces a hefty fine or jail time in the US for leaving his dog outside an airport building. He was about to fly from Iowa to his native New Jersey with his dog called Ellie — but it wasn’t until he checked in that he found out the dog needed a carrier.

According to the guy, he «thought that if he paid for the dog, they would give him a carrier.» He also tried to ask the taxi driver who brought him to the airport to pick Ellie up, and he asked airport staff about leaving the dog somewhere, but they all refused. Then he decided to tie Ellie up outside the airport building.

According to his story, he wanted to contact friends later to pick up the dog, but something went wrong. Early on, the dog was seen by passers-by, who immediately contacted the ARL shelter. Ellie was quickly taken to the shelter: «When we took her from the airport to the shelter, she quickly trusted us. Ellie wagged her tail and smiled. She is a lovely, sweet girl,» said a shelter employee.

After the incident, the grieving owner was remorseful that he had not meant to harm the dog. He allegedly bought her for his daughter for her birthday and cried when he left Ellie: «I didn’t want to leave her, and I was sure someone would eventually notice her,» the owner said.

However, this case is now being handled by police officers. The owner was charged with animal cruelty. Usually, for such a violation, according to state laws, a criminal faces a fine of up to 8 thousand dollars, or from 30 days to two years in prison.

The shelter has already received permission to look for new owners for the dog. According to the staff, she is a charming, kind and sociable creature. We wish this miracle will soon find the best owners who will never leave her anywhere!

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