During a strong heat, the rescuer brought a lynx and a fawn to his house

George is a professional rescuer and this time, during the next fire, he took up the rescue of animals.

And during the fire, George this time made a detour of his sites to spy out if anyone needed help.

And so, at the next detour, he noticed a small lynx and an equally small cub of a deer and decided to take both babies to his house, since there were still risks of fire in the forest.

He left the crumb in the house and went to the kitchen on business. And when he returned, he saw two forest animals sitting down, huddled against each other. It was very unexpected to see the friendship of a predator with a herbivore.

And so their great friendship began. George realized that they were too small to survive and kept them with him. He had to face criticism from neighbors, but the firefighter could not leave them, since the crumbs could not feed themselves, and they were also already used to people.

They still live in George’s house, already adult lynx and deer. Lynx habits are no different from a domestic cat, only of a larger size.

The fawn is completely tame and affectionate. So they grew up together and are completely inseparable, bosom friends.

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