Dogs that have grown up, but are completely unaware of this.

Very often it happens that in life we are accompanied by four-legged friends – dogs. You an’t argue the fact that they are the most faithful creatures and certainly never betray. But they grow faster than us. It takes only a couple of years for a small lump puppy to turn into an adult dog. But sometimes it seems that although they look big, they still want to be held by their owners just like children.

And let’s look at these funny grown-up friends.

10 photos before and after.

This little doll has a protector for life.

A huge bundle of joy.

”Hey, why don’t you want to carry me in your arms anymore?”

“What’s going on? Why is the window sill shrinking?

With age, not only the dog has changed, but also its owner.

– Don’t you want to move back?

– Nope!

How could you turn from a little cutie into a big one?

A Princess with her guard.

“I bought myself a puppy, but it grew up into a real bear.”

Soon I will be able to carry my owner in my arms.

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