Dog thrown from balcony finds love and care of veteran

At the end of a sad story, the ending is certainly a happy one. Sometimes animals suffer greatly because of their cruel owners. And it is very commendable that even afterwards they can live a better life.

This miracle dog was the victim of such abuse, and has had a hellish life in the past.

Last year, a case was reported to the police when a middle-aged woman tried to commit murder by attacking her housewife.

But it was very disturbing when the woman and her German shepherd jumped out of the room and suddenly she threw the dog down the ramp. Fortunately, the dog was not injured that day.

Knowing the dog’s story and seeing pictures of him, many people wanted to adopt it. However, the dog eventually ended up in Brigitte and Ted’s family.

His former owner was fined and had to pay a hefty fine.

Fortunately, the dog soon befriended its new owner and was finally able to live in peace.

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