Dog forgotten at petrol station runs 60 kilometres to get home

People in Hangzhou, China, left their dog, Dоu Dоu, in the car while they went to a petrol station. They returned and continued on their way as usual, only to find that the dog was not in the car when they arrived home. The worried owners rushed to the petrol station, but the dog was not there…

In Hangzhou, China, the owners stopped at a petrol station and left their 7-year-old dog, Dou Dou, in the car. When they got back in the car and continued on their way, they did not notice the dog’s absence at first – as Dou Dou was usually sitting quietly in the back. However, when they reached their destination, they saw the dog was gone…

The next day the family returned to the petrol station, but the dog was not there either. They lost hope and were upset with grief: “We hoped that our dog had survived after all, and that he would be picked up by a kind person,” said the dog’s owner.

However, when the family had already returned home, a few days later a dirty, panting dog arrived on their doorstep… Only after a closer look did they realise it was their beloved Dou Dou!

It turned out that the dog had miraculously travelled 60 kilometres to get from the petrol station to his home. The dog was gaunt and didn’t look well, but luckily he didn’t have any injuries.

“He was much thinner, but his eyes still shone with happiness,” says the owner. The family was happy to see their boy again, and Dou Dou proved to them his loyalty, which knows no distance!

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