Curious baby seal can’t part with a snow toy

Gray seals are commonly found on the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean and are often referred to as true seals or earless seals. The adorable sea creatures only give birth to one pup each year.

Recently, one such pup was discovered having fun in the snow. The gray seal cub was very frolicked, and its weight was increasing by leaps and bounds. In addition, the sea animal was curious and played with snow with interest.

The plump baby seal found a little snowball to play with and even tried to chew at it to get the taste of the snow. Finally, the little one turned around and rested on his back as if the adorable being wanted to look at the vast sky.

However, the little one went back to his original position after some time and started playing with the snowball again. But unfortunately, he was much more interested in his toy than looking around the beautiful surroundings.

He nudged the snowball with his nose and tried to move it around. Although he rolled on the ground, the baby animal continuously stared at the snowball. After a while, it seemed as if there was fresh snowfall.

The ground was covered with white snow, and the baby gray seal looked beautiful as he tried to customize his snow toy’s size. The little one kept on rolling the ball of snow on the ground.

In the process, the little one increased the size of the snowball. Now the cute animal had a bigger toy to play with. The baby seal looked happy and content after creating a masterpiece.

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