Courageous little dog rescued from river

Dogs are incredible for many different reasons. They deserve to be loved and well cared for, but, as we all know, this, unfortunately, does not always happen. There are countless examples of helpless dogs being treated unfairly and all of them heartbroken. Fortunately, there is also an increasing number of organizations assisting these dogs.

Hope for paws is one of them, and they make a really big difference, helping hundreds of dogs every year. They also do incredible work, sharing their amazing work, as well as the stories of the animals they helped. The following video, for example, tells the story of a brave little puppy rescued from the river.

Poor thing was probably dumped in a 30-foot canal. Luckily, a passer-by noticed something was wrong and decided to find out what had happened. And I’m so glad he did because his curiosity and kindness saved someone’s life. He then turned to Hope the Paws, who cared for the little puppy.

“Hope For Paws received a call from L.A. on Cloud9 who reported a dog in serious trouble,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post. “I rushed all the way to the city of Watts, and together we were able to save little JORDAN. Lisa Chiarelli volunteered to foster him, and I know that with your help, the recovery process of this little brave dog will inspire people all over the world.”

Now, little Jordan’s life has dramatically improved and you won’t recognize him. Take a look:

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