Children threw the “hyena” puppy out into the street, the baby needed to be rescued urgently

Under the shop of the city of Zheleznogorsk, residents found a very strange abandoned dog. The unfortunate man hid in a corner and was shaking with fright. A bystander took pity on the animal and took a picture of it, posting the picture in one of the thematic groups on the social network.

Volunteer girl Natalya noticed the post and went to look for the dog, as she lived very close to the specified address. Despite the fact that it was already three in the morning, she still decided to contact the group admin – after all, the life of an animal was much more important than formal politeness.

She began to walk down the street with a flashlight, but the dog was nowhere to be seen and, as a result, the girl began to search with her own dog Alice.

Alice quickly ran to one entrance and found a small puppy under the bench, which, at first, was very frightened by an unfamiliar dog. But they managed to drag Alice away and the puppy was taken out from under the bench.

It was a rather interesting doggie with an unusual tiger color, similar to a hyena. And the protruding big ears made him look even funnier. He was given the nickname Jack and then his sad story became known to the volunteers.

It turned out that a group of children entered the store and the salesman overheard their conversation. The parents asked him to take the puppy and take him to the wasteland, as they were already tired of the doggie.

The doggie is very small, he is three months old and volunteers are looking for owners for him. Jack is very affectionate and well-mannered. He lives on overexposure with the Bulldogs. The dog is silent and does not bark loudly. We really hope that this little one will soon be able to attach it.

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