When Roy and Bernita Rogers from Kansas City got married, they dreamed of having a big family. But the couple had suffered several miscarriages.

Bernita was deeply affected by the loss of her three children. To fill the void, she took home a stray black kitten. The cat was named Midnight. Soon after the cat joined the family, Bernita became pregnant again. The family gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Stacey.

Midnight and Stacey became best friends. The cat was always close to the newborn.

One day the parents noticed that their daughter was not feeling well and called the doctor. He said the child had a cold and there was nothing to worry about.

At night, Stacey slept in her room. To monitor their daughter’s condition better, her parents set up a baby monitor in the baby’s room. At midnight, they heard strange noises coming from the baby monitor. “It was a cat’s meow, turning into a shriek,” Bernita recalls. The parents realised the cat was trying to warn them about something and rushed to Stacey’s bedroom. Roy and Bernita saw their daughter turning blue and gasping for air. They quickly called an ambulance. The doctors diagnosed respiratory failure and treated her.

“Thanks to the cat, we have been given a second chance to enjoy our daughter and watch her grow up,” said Bernita.

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