Caring cat Pusha became a foster mother for orphaned squirrels.

In Bakhchisarai, in the Crimean Park of Miniatures, an incredible thing happened. Residents found three orphan squirrels in the forest and took them to the zoo. The local veterinarian examined them and said that they would not be able to leave the babies, as they needed their mother’s milk.

And it was then that one of the workers expressed an amazing idea that the baby squirrels could be given to a cat that lived nearby and had just had kittens. The cat settled in the zoo for a long time, since food could always be found there.

But the zoo management was not happy with her presence and tried to shoo her away. However, since the cat was pregnant and gave birth to four kittens, this had to be postponed.

The cat was provided with a comfortable place for the kittens to grow. Someone called her Musya, others Pusha. And the employees chose her to hand the squirrels to, since they simply had no other chance to survive. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw how willingly the cat accepted the babies.

The squirrels themselves took some time to adapt and accept Pushu as their mother, and soon they got used to her and enjoyed her new company. As a result of seasonal pruning of trees in Bakhchisarai parks, many squirrels lose their homes, and the babies get lost.

At the moment, in addition to her four kittens, Pusha has been given seven more squirrels, and she accepts them all with pleasure.

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