Black bear cubs make a delightful “sound of satisfaction” over a pile of apples

If you ever wondered what a group of happy bear cubs may sound like, then you definitely need to watch this adorable footage. But I’m warning you, you might fall in love with them!

Despite what people think, bears absolutely loves fruits, with forest fruits and apples in particular. So when this sanctuary decided to spoil their little residents with a pile of delicious apples, they captured the moment on video, and they had the sweetest surprise. The sound these rescued bear cubs makeover their tasty meal is just heartwarming. They surprised even the caretakers, as black bears rarely vocalize.

The adorable scene was caught on camera at the Kilham Bear Center, by John Fusco – writer, producer, and wildlife enthusiast – who then shared the moment on Twitter. “Have you ever heard bear cubs make their ‘sound of contentment’?” he wrote in the description of the now-viral footage.

Kilham Bear Center is a sanctuary in Lyme, New Hampshire, where are taken orphaned black bears from New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Here, the cubs are cared for and rehabilitated, until they are ready to get back in the wild.

Speaking for Los Angeles Times, Rae Wynn-Grant, a conservation scientist said upon the video: “They’re obviously in a healthy sanctuary … it kind of makes sense that they would be cooing and telling us how great they feel.”

Needless to say, the apple pile stands no chance in front of these sweet little devourers! You can watch the adorable moment in the video below!

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