Because of a hedgehog stuck in the battery, the residents of the whole house were left without heating

The emergency services received a strange call: a hedgehog had escaped from its enclosure and was stuck in the radiator. The owners were unable to pull the hedgehog out on their own.

An African pet hedgehog’s dangerous adventure began when it decided to take an unsupervised walk. Somehow it managed to climb onto a radiator and get stuck there.

The poor thing couldn’t get out, and the owners were powerless too. The hedgehog could have suffered burns and heatstroke.

The Kyiv Animal Rescue Group’s animal rescue centre responded to the call. The first thing they did was try to cool the pet down, isolating it as far as possible from the red-hot chimney. The hot water and heating had to be turned off, leaving the whole house without the amenities of civilisation.

The hedgehog was stressed during the rescue: it tried to curl up into a ball, biting and disturbing the rescuers. After a lot of manipulation, tools, props and other equipment, the albino hedgehog was freed.

The rescue operation lasted all night. During this time the hedgehog was hungry and tired, but otherwise felt fine.

The owners promised to keep a better eye on the nimble and mischievous pet so that they would no longer leave their neighbours without water and heating.

Из-за застрявшего в батарее ежа жильцы целого дома остались без отопления

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