Beautiful love story: this vet rides the streets to treat stray animals for free

Life in the new society is a major challenge for some of us.

It is well known that poverty has forced an incredible number of people onto the roads over the last decade to beg for alms.

The importance of the difficulties is clearly reflected in the statistics. More than 140,000 people are officially without a place to live in the US.

California was the hardest hit. Last year there were 151,278 homeless people.

Fortunately, there are still good Samaritans giving hope to those who are suffering. Street vet Kwayne Stewart has been helping shelterless animals in California since 2011.

Dr Kwayne now runs a page on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, which aims to raise donations to cover all the costly operations his four-legged patients need.

“The cost of minor treatments such as an ear infection, flea treatment or vaccines can be around $100, while more serious cases such as tumour removal or tooth extraction can be as much as $1,500,” he says.

It can take a significant amount of money to save his little four-legged friends.

Just such was the case with a dog called Dinker and its owner Walter, “who have a bond like no other”. Unfortunately, Dinker has a very rare disease that requires specialist surgery. The doctor is currently doing everything he can to make this happen, but he knows that it is an extremely expensive operation.

“I am involved in the truest stories of love, compassion, struggle and hope,” the vet says about his job.

But Kwayne is full of hope. In a recent post on his GoFundMe page, he expressed his gratitude to all involved:

“I am amazed at your generosity!”

And now he is setting his sights higher and dreams of putting more vets on the streets to help more homeless suffering animals.

A vet treats allergies, skin and ear infections, flea infestations, teeth and even arthritis.

Let us wish this great man good luck in his ventures.

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