Baby Flamingo has become well known on the internet

Growing up is a complex process that changes lives dramatically, leading to many changes and sometimes even problems.

Anyone who has already experienced the supposed ‘transition time’ knows this.

However, children do not think that growing up is a difficult task. Thus, they constantly have a desire to become adults as quickly as possible.

A newborn flamingo inhabiting a nature reserve shows a particularly strong adolescent urge to grow up.

It is doing its best to grow into a real adult flamingo as a young child.

It stretches its long legs, tries to balance on one, tumbles around, and keeps trying to grow into an adult bird.

The toddler’s attempts to act like an adult flamingo delight everyone who sees it. One of the images the group uploaded to its Facebook page was captioned as follows:

Staff and visitors to the National Enclosure can’t help but exclaim, ‘Wow, wow! What a baby!”

The baby’s urge to grow is admired, but so are its wonderful long legs and endearing fluffiness. What an amazing baby, right?

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