An unsociable, bald dog wandered down the street, not letting anyone near it

A fearful, battered, completely shabby dog wandered the streets, picking up scraps and avoiding people who had once apparently caused it much pain… It was impossible to look at the creature without pity. But Belle was lucky to find kind people on its way…

This dog was spotted in the street in Bali. It was a shy, battered, completely shabby dog, barely able to move around on the streets, and a woman spotted it in time. She sent a photo of the dog to her friend, Kaho, who was an animal rescue worker.

The woman tracked down the dog – as it would not allow itself to be approached, a tranquilliser treat was prepared for it. After the dog ate the treat, it was quietly transported to Mission Paws shelter.

At the shelter, the dog, named Belle, kept hiding from people. It would not let anyone near it, and would growl and shake in fear when anyone approached it.

While Belle was being treated for scabies all over its body, she was slowly getting used to people. A woman called Kaho, who brought it in, often stopped by and fed it from her hands to get Belle used to humans.

Soon Kaho took the dog in for temporary care. At first Belle lay under the bed, afraid to come out, and only after two weeks the dog began to explore the woman’s home little by little.

The dog gradually began to socialise with the other two dogs of its guardian, because it was curious to get to know its relatives. It began to play and spend a lot of time with them.

After a long three months, Belle finally trusted the guardian as well. The dog allowed her to get close, which was already a miracle, and began actively asking for affection. Belle was unrecognisable!

Seeing how much her dogs had become attached to Belle and Belle to them, Kaho decided that she did not want to give the dog away to other people. She kept it with her forever. So Belle got a loving owner! This is how beautiful Belle has become:

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