An elderly cat thanked the people who rescued it from the street

The owner abandoned an 18-year-old cat on the street in a stray cat colony because he couldn’t take care of it. The frightened cat was afraid of everything around it – after all, the poor thing was not used to living on the streets at all…

An 18-year-old cat called Elka found itself on the streets in the American city of San Angelo not long ago. The owner simply left the elderly cat outside with a colony of stray cats because he couldn’t take care of it. The poor thing was forced to learn life on the street, which it was not used to at all… Luckily, some kind people came across Elka’s path.

When the locals saw it and found out that it was a neighbor’s cat, they immediately decided to help the animal. Elka was obviously afraid of everything around it – it was very stressful for it. People reported the cat to the Hands of Mercy shelter, where they agreed to take it. The cat was taken in by a volunteer named Brenda, who immediately became fascinated with the abandoned cat’s story…

The shelter staff examined Elka and found some organ abnormalities due to its age. In spite of this, the cat was doing well, showing affection to everyone and asking for attention. Its health began to be restored, and it thanked the staff every day.

Brenda later gave the cat a collar and it responded nicely: “It was watching me put collars on other cats, so I decided to give it one. It was as if Elka was excited about the collar. It was like it thought, ‘Wow, someone loves me. I have a home again,” Brenda said.

After a couple of weeks, Brenda fell so in love with the creature that she decided to take Elka home with her! There she continues to treat the cat, and shows it what true love is – and Elka reciprocates. Thanks for the rescue!

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