An Amazon delivery service driver jumped into the pool to save an elderly husky dog from drowning in the pool

An Amazon delivery service driver bravely leaped into the pool to rescue a senior husky dog from drowning.


Over the years, we have heard countless stories about hero dogs who risked everything, even their own lives, to save people who found themselves in life-threatening situations.

However, sometimes the situation changes, and we, people, have to intervene when animals need our help, which is exactly what happened last month.

Amazon employee John Cassabria was delivering packages one afternoon in Woburn, Massachusetts when he heard a strange noise.

« It was something like a raid of sirens mixed with howls, like the wind howling through the branches of trees, » he said.

Unable to get rid of his curiosity, Cassabria went to investigate, and soon he was standing in front of the house, surrounded by a fence. Taking a look, he discovered the source of the strange sounds. It was a drowning dog in the pool that was in desperate need of help.

The dog’s name was Luka and it was 14 years old. The dog accidentally tripped on the wet concrete and fell into the pool. The dog had problems with its legs, and now it could hardly keep afloat.

Without thinking, John quickly jumped over the fence and ran to the pool. Without taking off his shoes, with a wallet and a phone in his pocket, the man rushed into the water and pulled out the poor animal.

Now the dog feels well and nothing threatens its life.

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