An adorable baby elephant ‘dances’ across the road for safari tourists in South Africa’s Kruger Park.

In a very cute video, an adorable baby elephant, who is far from being shy, delights a group of safari tourists with his dancing skills.

The delightful moment took place in South Africa’s largest game reserve, the Kruger National Park, and enchanted tourists couldn’t get enough!

When he came across a car full of people, the baby elephant decided to win their hearts rather than leave. Suddenly, the cute little boy started performing in front of the crowd, right in the middle of the road.

Obviously, no one could believe their eyes that they were witnessing such a touching scene while on safari.
The cute little dancer didn’t seem bothered at all by the human presence as he showed off his dancing skills to the enchanted crowd.

A little excited, the baby elephant enthusiastically shakes its tail and moves its trunk. With its wildly flapping ears, the adorable elephant makes everyone laugh.

However, all tourists behave as quietly as possible, because no one wants to interrupt the spontaneous performance. But the hilarious moment finally comes to an end when the baby’s mother notices her baby’s strange behavior and decides to put an end to it.

Either way, the talented elephant seems so engrossed in the action that even the mother’s intervention doesn’t seem to stop him. He continues his trips back and forth, followed by a few stunts, before getting lost in the grass.

One of the tourists filmed the entire show. He says, “During a wildlife safari in the famous Kruger National Park, we had an incredible and comical sighting of a baby elephant dancing and playing in the road ahead of us.”

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