A year ago, no one would have even touched this cat. Now it has become completely different.

This cat had sarcomatous lichen. It could not open its eyes and looked terrible. It was in a Los Angeles shelter and was crying all the time. People took pity on the poor animal and came to its rescue. The cat stretched out its paws to the people and meowed.

The cat looked like it was asking for help. Kind passersby took the cat in their arms, even though its illness might be contagious. This helped the animal to calm down. And just like that, the cat was on its way to salvation.

The kind people who had picked up the cat called the animal shelter and asked them to find new owners for the poor one when it got better. The cat, whose name was Valentino, showed incredible courage. It quickly began to recover.

Valentino’s recovery was unbelievably quick. When Valentino was able to open eyes again, it was finally able to see the kind people who felt sorry for it and wanted to help it.

With the arrival of spring, the cat finally got even closer to its happy life: a family was found to take it home. A woman named Tanya saw a post about Valentino on Facebook.

She was so captivated by the cat’s story that she immediately wanted to take the animal in. «I just have to help it. That was my only thought,» Tanya said. Valentino was reunited with its new family at the end of March last year.

It took several weeks before its relationship with people finally improved.

Instead of an unhappy animal that was constantly crying, the cat turned into a truly happy and well-fed animal, surrounded by love and attention.

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