Cheryl Allison was walking in the park. Suddenly a big goose ran up to her. She talked to it like an old friend. Then Cheryl got ready to go home. The goose followed her.

The woman called him Honk. She walked out of the park onto the road, and the goose, keeping up, walked beside her. Cheryl had to go back to the park with the goose and then stealthily walk away. After that incident, she often went to see her winged friend.

Honk can’t fly — he turned out to be a house goose. He probably lived with someone and then was abandoned in the park near the pond. Cheryl decided to help the goose and went to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. They took him in. The goose is now under care and makes friends with other domesticated birds.

Cheryl still visits Honk frequently. Together they raise public awareness about the abuse of pets and the fact that birds are often abandoned to their fate. Watch a video of their unusual friendship.

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