A woman saw a dog on the road going into labour

As the woman drove to the pharmacy, she noticed a stray dog on the side of the road. It was pacing from side to side, peering through car windows and worrying. She saw its round belly and it all made sense.

A woman named Erica was driving to the pharmacy on a road in Texas and noticed a stray dog on the side of the road. The poor thing ran from side to side, peering through car windows, and then froze in despair and stress. When the woman noticed its round belly, she knew at once.

She couldn’t just leave the dog behind — it must have gone into labour or been in some kind of trouble. «I jumped out of the car and walked towards it, and then I called it over. The dog immediately rushed towards me, whimpering and crying,» the woman said. She immediately contacted animal rescuers, who arrived quite quickly.

A little later, the dog was taken to a rescue centre and a group home was found for it. Despite living on the street for a long time, the dog was very kind and sensitive, and trusted people. It really wanted love. At the shelter, it was given the name Winnie and they began to look after it.

A short time later, the dog gave birth safely to the babies, and the guardian delivered the babies. The puppies were all adorable and healthy, and Winnie immediately took full responsibility for them. The dog proved to be a very attentive and sensitive mother.

For now, the dog family lives in a group home. When the puppies are old enough, permanent owners will be found for them and their mummy. Thank you for the rescue!

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