A woman looking for a puppy for adoption has found a dog that she lost two years ago

This story seems incredible as if it were a script for a movie. However, miracles happen in real life too.


This woman wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter, and she was surprised to find a dog that she lost two years ago. This woman, who lives in Pennsylvania, USA, had a very touching reunion with her lost dog after more than two years of separation.
Aisha adopted a dog named Kovu when he was only 7 weeks old. Kovu lived with her until his disappearance in May 2019.
Aisha told The Morning Call :
« On the website of the Humane Society of Lehigh County, I was looking at photos, and suddenly on one of them, I saw a dog very similar to mine. I thought it was impossible. But then I saw a small scar on his eye. This scar appeared when he got stuck in the door, and then I thought:
« My God, this is my baby, my Kovu! »
Thus, the woman found a dog, which she lost 2 years ago.

LCHS Development Director Deirdre Snyder said:
« The dog got to them in a very bad condition. He needed treatment for fleas, there was no hair on his back, he suffered from inflammation. He was treated with antibiotics and washed with a special therapeutic shampoo. He stayed in our shelter for about four months, and then 25 In October 2019, he was adopted by another family.

Kovu never tried to escape from the house, Aisha believes that he left through a hole received two weeks earlier, by a car crashing into the front door.
The woman said:
« On the same day when I returned home, I was surprised that Kavu did not run up to me and kiss me, as he did before. I searched the whole house, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then I searched for him in Allentown for a week and to no avail.

But by the will of fate and luck for this woman, Kovu was recently returned to the orphanage because the
family that adopted him was threatened with deportation. As soon as Aisha found out about this news, she immediately called the shelter to pick up her dog.
Aisha says:

When Kovu saw me, he started barking, trying to break away from the guy holding him and run up to me. When he succeeded, he attacked me, and we started kissing and hugging. He sat on my lap. I said, » Yes, my friend, you’re going home. » I am very sorry that this happened. I’ll never lose you again. »

The director of development of LCHS explained that dogs usually easily recognize their owner after a long separation since dogs have an incredible sense of smell. There are many videos on this topic on the Internet.

After a touching reunion with his foster mother, Kovu finally returned home to his family, hoping to celebrate his seventh birthday with his loved ones this winter.

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