A weak dog with sad eyes approached people and looked at them imploringly, holding his paw up.

This story was told by an animal lover who has saved many homeless pets.

One day, she was told on the phone that in the vicinity of a gas station located outside the city, an unfortunate dog with a damaged paw, which did not allow her to walk normally, had been wandering around for several days, looking incredibly miserable.

The girl sent volunteers to the address and as soon as the dog noticed people, he immediately began to hobble hard towards them. The puppy, who was named Druzhok, was taken to the veterinarian and the veterinarian conjectured that he might have cancer in his paw.

It was with great difficulty that he was placed in a shelter, where only open-air cages on the street were available. The girl, together with her assistants, began to treat him, they themselves took him to the veterinarian, treated the paw, bought warm blankets, since it was cold outside.

The puppy fell in love with his rescuers and let them treat his paw. It was touching to tears. The worst assumptions of the veterinarian were not confirmed, which greatly pleased his guardians, but an expensive operation was still required.

After all this, the veterinarian forbade keeping this puppy in the open-air shelter, since he needed sterile conditions and two girls hooked her up to the summer kitchen, and after recovery they hope to find permanent owners for him.


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