A touching moment of the elephant’s reunion with the herd

An elephant called Zara was rescued from an irresponsible owner when she was in a terrible state. What this beauty missed most of all was warmth and simple support. Who knew how her life would change after she was rescued.

An elephant called Zara from India was rescued by Wildlife SOS when she was in a terrible condition. Her owner was using the elephant for street performances, and had neglected her health. But Zara’s legs had severe abscesses, which the vets treated for several months…

Zara was placed in a spacious sanctuary, where she enjoyed the fresh air, grass and sunshine despite severe pain with every step. The doctors and volunteers kept an eye on her and the care paid off – Zara was on the mend, becoming more active and healthier.

Then the staff decided that the elephant was ready for the big step – her herd. They decided to move her into an enclosure with three other rescued elephants, who had already lived together for a long time. As soon as Zara entered the enclosure with her congeners, a miracle happened.

The elephants started literally “wrapping” their trunks around Zara as a sign of welcome, wagging their tails. It was a very warm and friendly welcome, which both the staff and Zara were happy about. She now has a friendly family!

It took a little while before the herd got used to Zara, but after a while the four were inseparable! Although Zara is the youngest elephant in the herd, the adult ‘sisters’ never leave her alone, and are always around to make sure she is comfortable.

This is how the herd greeted Zara:

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