A street pregnant cat looked at passersby with hope in her eyes

A cat with a big belly was wandering along the sidewalk when she was spotted by people who were not indifferent. She was expecting babies, and it was starting to get cold outside. So people decided to take care of her.

For most of her life, this cat was a stray. She wandered the streets of Oregon. Several times just on the street she gave birth to kittens. But this time she was much luckier. After all, people noticed her and gave her a chance at a new life. The pregnant cat was caught and taken to the local animal shelter.

The shelter staff named their new ward Celeste. They fed her and treated her for parasites and fleas. A couple of days later Celeste had her kittens. Eight kittens were born. Fortunately, they were all perfectly healthy. Celeste coped very well with the role of a mother. Especially since she was surrounded by the care of the shelter staff and felt that no one would hurt her.

As soon as Celeste had her babies, a shelter was found for the whole family. One of the shelter’s volunteers took care of the cat and the kittens. It took Celeste some time to adapt to her new home. But she soon became accustomed and was perfectly happy to take care of her babies and to enjoy the love that her temporary shelter owner surrounded her with.

Despite the fact that it was very difficult to take care of 8 little ones, Celeste became a great mom. She carefully looks after her kittens, takes care of their hygiene and their health. The kittens grew quickly and very soon began to explore their new home and play with each other.

Celeste made sure that the babies behaved well, and also taught them all the feline tricks. After a while, the babies were doing just fine without their mother’s help. Therefore, Celeste began to spend much more time with her guardian, purring in her arms.

When the kittens became completely independent, new owners were found for them. Celeste also went to a new family. Now she is happy and bathed in the love of her owners.

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