A stray was bitten by a snake, but the dog fought for life to the last because it was pregnant

When a stray dog was attacked by a snake in the street, its life changed dramatically.

Locals in Arizona saw a stray dog that had been bitten by a snake. They called the emergency services. When they arrived, they discovered that the dog was also pregnant.

They had to act quickly to keep the dog and its offspring alive. Doctors administered an antidote and then delivered the dog.

The dog was named Molly. She gave birth to seven puppies on the way to the shelter. They were only about a year old, her first offspring. Even a snakebite didn’t stop her from giving birth to healthy puppies.

Volunteers are now looking for a new home for the dog and its babies.

As snake venom is toxic, the centre’s staff did everything correctly and in time, as there were no negative effects on the animal. The antidote worked.

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