A stray dog took a book from a shop without asking and became a star

“It’s more fun with a good book,” was probably the thought of the dog from Brazil, who had encroached on the bookstore’s items.

Escape from loneliness

Life is very difficult for homeless animals. There is no permanent place to sleep and no guaranteed breakfast and dinner. The same fate befell our hero. He lived in the vicinity of a bookshop. He didn’t show any aggression and nobody paid any attention to him. However, the whole world got to know about him, after the doggie decided to sneak into the shop. He ran into the building, grabbed a book with his teeth and disappeared. None of the employees noticed the theft.

But after a while, a visitor found nearby this very novel with the marks of fangs, which, coincidentally, was called “Days of Solitude”. After talking to the vendors, a concerned man inspired them to look at the security footage. How surprised people were to see that the dog had committed the theft.

The staff was so impressed by the story that they decided to take the pet in, feed it and look after it. After the details were published on the internet, tourists often began stopping by to take pictures with the dog, which became so unexpectedly famous and finally found a home.

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