A stray cat with a round belly was desperately collecting leftovers

A homeless cat came to a woman’s doorstep, asking for help. It turned out that the cat is pregnant, and she has been living on the street for a long time and eats leftovers ..

A month ago, a resident of Arizona, USA, named Sandy noticed a stray cat near her house. She decided to feed the guest and give her water, and approaching, she saw that the cat had a rounded belly..

Sandy brought the cat to her home because she was afraid for her future babies. She decided to keep her for a while until the cat gives birth. Meanwhile, the cat immediately felt that she was safe.

She knew right away that she was in good hands. She explored the house without fear and went to bed as if she had always lived there. Grateful to the woman for saving her, she constantly purred in her presence and asked her for affection.

Sandy named the cat Jade. She contacted the veterinarians and consulted how to care for the expectant mother and help with childbirth. However, she did not have to help – a few days later she went into the room, and a pleasant surprise awaited her.

The kitty lay in the room, licking five wonderful kittens. It turns out that the cat herself silently gave birth to kittens at night – all the babies were healthy, and the attentive mother Jade did not take her eyes off them.

After giving birth, the woman contacted the Jin’s Bottle Babies shelter, where she received advice, and the staff took the kittens and mommy. The cat family was immediately given to a place of temporary care in the house of one of the volunteers.

Mom Jade still continues to sensitively take care of her kids, and does not leave them. She is happy that thanks to a kind woman, all her kittens are alive and well in a warm house. When the kittens grow up, permanent owners will be found for them and their mothers.

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