A stray cat approached a woman and “asked” to let it into the house to save its kittens.

Kitty the cat was living on the street. Looking for a quiet place to rest, she went into a residential yard. The cat began to come to the yard every day and look out for its hosts.

The owners of the house noticed Kitty and decided to feed it. The cat always sniffed the food right away and then ate it. It would not let itself be handled and would generally stay away from the owners of the house, observing them from a distance. As it turned out, the cat was not worried about its welfare, but about the welfare of its kittens, who were just about to be born.

The landlady loved animals, and the woman was determined that she would win Kitty’s favor. She set up bowls in the yard that always had clean water and food for the fluffy guest, and then the cat had its own cushioned cot. Kitty’s pregnancy was not immediately noticed by the owners, who were convinced that the cat was simply afraid of people.

The woman made a lot of effort, but the cat would not come into the house. Perhaps earlier people had abused Kitty and it did not believe that anyone could be kind to it. As birth approached, the cat became more compliant and affectionate.

Sensing that it was about to become a mother, Kitty decided to accept the invitation and enter the house. Inside, the cat took a long time to explore the unfamiliar rooms, and in the meantime, the lady of the house had set up a nook for it.

Kitty occasionally asked to go outside but started to come in without fear and loved spending time on its cot and playing with its owners. Soon the house was filled with adorable kittens.

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