Elise Hall found a box with a tiny kitten on the front porch. It had a wound on its neck and she took it to the vet.

The baby was found to have a genetic disease, which caused the skin to be easily traumatised and there were eye problems. The woman was offered the kitten and warned that it needed special care.

“He was so unusual, I loved his mischievous nature. I would describe him as 150 grams of eyeballs and brave,” Elise said. “I thought the kitten just had big eyes, but it turned out to be due to illness,” she added. The woman took the baby home. The kitten was named Porg, like the mythical creature from Star Wars.

Elise has been trained in how to care for the sick kitten and how to maintain the regime. She now buys it special clothes and gives it eye drops.

Porg is developing well in a loving family. It has a brave and independent character.

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