A special doggie was dropped off at the family’s door, the little one really wanted love

A family from the island of Antigua found a box with a puppy inside on the doorstep of their house. There was a special little girl in there who was in great need of warmth and love, and didn’t understand why it had been left behind…

Someone dropped a box with a puppy inside on the doorstep of a family on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean Sea. The baby turned out to be special – it had no eyes and had a wrinkled forehead. The people immediately contacted rescuers from the Dogs and Cats of Antigua centre to have the doggy picked up.

The dog was given the name Faith, and was taken into care. The rescue centre paid all its bills and veterinary bills. This special little girl was given loving care.

Faith turned out to be a surprisingly brave girl. Despite her peculiarities, she was active, playful and lively. Although she often crashed into something while running around the house, she quickly learned to coordinate.

Faith can’t see anything, but this beauty has a very gentle soul. “She always senses if I’m around. She sticks her nose out and sniffs to try and find me. In the house, she always runs to someone if she hears a noise in the other room,” says the dog’s guardian.

They have recently started looking for permanent owners for Faith. Many people have responded to this beauty’s story and already want to take her in. Let’s hope she finds a better family!

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