A sick dog was hiding in the sewer out of fear

There are charities all over the world that rescue animals in need. In Bali, for example, volunteers found a dog that would not have survived without humans.

Volunteers found frightened Mitchie and wanted to take it to the vet, but the dog hid in the sewers out of fear. Volunteers had to wait 3 hours for the rescuers to free the animal.

At the vet’s examination, it turned out that the dog had a big hole in its head. Mitchie was shaved and treated. When it got better, Mitchie was moved to one of the volunteers’ home for temporary care.

All was well, but so Mitchie got sick with a viral infection, which is usually transmitted from an infected dog. Fortunately, the will to live and also the puppy’s immune system coped with it.

Mitchie then met its future mum, Saffron. The dog now lives with its owner’s other dog, Garscon.

As soon as Mitchie saw its owner, the connection between them was instantaneous.

After many days of treatment, Mitchie is finally happy and looks as it should be – it is a wonderful cross between a Maltese lapdog.

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