A rescued cat and a pug don’t leave each other’s side

Friendship can take many forms, including between animals, even if it’s between a cat and a dog. This adorable kitten was rescued from the street and had trouble adjusting to being around humans. It was in dire need of a friend who would inspire it and show it that it wasn’t so scary. Fortunately, it met one.

A kitten by the name of Sylvester was rescued from the street in New York City, along with its mother and other kittens. Amongst the litter, it was the most emotional and sensitive, and frequently preferred to be solitary, away from the others. As time passed, all of its siblings were adopted by new owners, but Sylvester remained in a shelter.

It wasn’t easy for the baby to get used to people, but it got along fine with furry friends. One day its guardian introduced it to a pug named Cooper, and from that day on life for the kitten was no different. They became friends from the first day they met, which the guardian never expected.

Sylvester was the first to run up to the dog and attempt to play with it. Cooper responded in kind, and ever since these two have been nearly inseparable. It seems that they have found not only good friends in each other but also support. Cooper struggles with anxiety, while the kitten is timid around people, so they overcome their fears together.

Thanks to Cooper, Sylvester has learned that being around people is not so exciting, and the doggie has become much more confident around such a faithful companion. The dog and cat sleep together, play, fool around, and cuddle. Wherever one goes, the other is sure to follow.
Now Sylvester is 5 months old and they are still looking for owners for it. But now it is much calmer and has coped with many obstacles, because thanks to true friends, we flourish ourselves. We wish Sylvester a better home!
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