A photographer made a touching project about shelter dogs

To us, they are a page in life, and to them, we are all life…
Unfortunately, in reality, things sometimes go wrong, and the most innocent creatures – animals – are the ones who get attacked. Millions of dogs are unwanted by their owners, and breeders get rid of them when they can no longer give birth to puppies. Photographer Emma O’Brien collected images of shelter dogs with different stories to bring attention to the problem. Let’s wish these cuties find loving families as soon as possible.

A dog named Milo. He was rescued from a dysfunctional family where he lived in bad conditions

And this is Leo, who was spotted on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa

Akela, who had become unwanted in her family. She was left outside the orphanage for no reason

Riley’s owners moved out of the rental apartment and left her there

A dog named Chucky was returned to the shelter because he was supposedly very active

Jessie. The owners couldn’t afford to pay the bills when the dog broke its leg. They gave her up to a shelter.

The breeders only used Lisa for breeding puppies. When she grew old, they decided to give her to a shelter.

Callie was also used as a “conveyor belt” for breeding puppies. She came to the shelter when the breeder passed away

Gunther. The dog had been taken from the shelter four times and returned four times. He allegedly has a strange personality.

Nova was born deaf, and did not fit the “standards” of the breed. The breeders gave her to the shelter as unwanted

Queenie was kept in a cage for eight years. All that time she only gave birth to puppies for breeding

The owners brought Zapa to the shelter with no explanation

Bonsai was brought to the shelter as a newborn, along with other puppies. The owners didn’t want it.

Leila. She has been taken out of the shelter seven times already, but she still hopes to find a better family

When Eddie’s family bought him, they didn’t like the puppy’s personality. So they gave him to a shelter.

When Hunter was taken in by his family, their other dog constantly attacked him. Then the owners decided Hunter was no good for them and gave him back to the shelter

Luca was recently taken in by his family but was soon returned. The reason – he was chasing a cat

Stoffel was brought and left at the shelter without any explanation

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