A nursing dog hid her puppies in old furniture

In the yard of an abandoned house, residents saw a dog that was clearly a nursing mother. It turned out that she was hiding her babies in old furniture that had been left in the garden.

Residents of the American city of St Louis spotted this dog in an abandoned garden. They immediately saw that she was a nursing mother and was clearly hiding puppies somewhere. When they went to check out the garden, they saw the little ones in old furniture, which apparently had been abandoned by the former owners of the house.

People reported a canine family to Stray Rescue of St. Louis shelter, and a member of staff called Donna immediately went to pick them up. When she arrived on the scene, the mother dog started barking at her. She was desperately protecting her babies, even though she was in great need of help herself. The woman managed to distract her with a can of food and lured her into her car.

The staff member then quickly carried the four puppies into the car, whom they still had to search all over the garden. Finally, the whole family was safe. They were taken to the shelter, examined, and then sent to a temporary care place. The photos of the puppies were published on social media to find owners for them – and many applications came in at once.

Volunteers have also started looking for a permanent home for the mother dog. She quickly transformed from a fearful dog to a cheerful and kind creature when she realized that her little ones were safe here. Now they will all find caring owners.

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