A neighbor heard a dog howling, trapped between concrete walls

Gertie, a dog, lived an ordinary life with its owners, Connie Frick and Lynn Herman. But one day everything changed.

A dog has disappeared. The owners were unable to find the animal after a walk in the backyard. They put up notices in the area and contacted locals, but the search was unsuccessful.

Five days later, a neighbor, Vanessa Roland, heard a strange howl coming from the garage wall. She notified Gertie’s owners, who called the Cincinnati Fire Department in the US for help.

It turned out that the poor dog had accidentally fallen into a breach behind the garage, got stuck there, and had been trapped for five days. Firefighter Jenny Adkins had to get a crowbar and break the wall to get the poor girl out. Ten minutes later, the pet was handed back to its owners: it was frightened but wagged its tail, happy to be freed. On social media, the firefighters were called heroes!

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