A mother cat languished in the cold, but struggled to keep her little ones warm

A worker in an old warehouse spotted a small feline family – a cat and her babies – in one of the rooms. The mother was cradling her kittens on the cold concrete floor. She herself was shivering with cold and hungry, but she warmed the kittens as best she could.

A resident of Los Angeles noticed a small cat family in an old warehouse – the cat was hugging her babies, lying on cold concrete and languishing from hunger. It was clearly not the right place to raise kittens..

The man became worried and decided to help the cat and kittens, so that the babies wouldn’t grow up in such harsh conditions… He contacted Wrenn Rescues, whose staff volunteered to take the feline family into their care.

The cat was taken in by a volunteer called Erin and her husband. When they brought the family home, they found that one of the kittens unfortunately could not survive. The little ones were weak and fragile, and were in great need of care.

Erin and her husband did everything they could to keep the fragile kittens alive, while their mother cat stayed close to them. The kitty, named Marigold, was very friendly and attentive.

Fortunately, the kittens were saved, and the mother cat was very grateful to the guardians for this. She began to show gratitude in every possible way – purring, asking for affection and rubbing against the legs of the household. Marigold was full of love and trust.

When the kittens are old enough, they, like Mama Marigold, will find permanent owners. In the meantime, the kittens are actively growing healthy and strong and their mother continues to watch their every move.

Thanks to the kind people who saved this family!

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