A man with tears in his eyes left his dog in a shelter

The owner brought his dog to the shelter with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t keep it, and the only solution was to give it to the shelter volunteers.


The owner had to leave his dog named Blue Bear in the shelter because he couldn’t take care of it anymore. He tearfully left an elderly pet at the Trenton Animals Rock shelter. The dog barked for a long time, as if expressing its protest, and was sad.

But still, the owner left, handing over the dog to kind volunteers. At the shelter, Blue was received with love, and it immediately felt it – looking for warmth, it came to ask for affection from one of the volunteers. “It was very sad, and it put its head on my lap. At every opportunity, it would come to the door and sit in front of it, crying. The doggie turned around and tears were literally streaming down its face,” says the volunteer.

Since Blue is elderly, the volunteers worry that they will not be able to find owners for it. But at the same time, it is a kind, sweet, obedient, and charming gentleman. The dog is full of affection and love! Now Blue lives in a place of temporary care, and they are already looking for owners for it. Be happy, Blue!

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