A man saw an animal running back and forth by the shore, unable to get out

The man was just jet-skiing along the river when he suddenly noticed something moving under the cliff near the bank. It turned out that the animal had fallen and could not get out on its own.

A man was riding a jet ski on a river in Tokumwala, Australia when he suddenly noticed something moving near a small cliff near the bank. It was a large animal that had apparently fallen off the cliff and was trapped between the cliff and the water. Its fur mingled with the mud and dust, making it very difficult to see it from a distance.

Luckily, a man on a jet-ski was nearby in time. He approached and identified it as a kangaroo. He then quickly contacted the local Dutch Thunder rescue centre, whose staff immediately went to rescue the animal.

According to the rescuers, the weather was the culprit. “Due to the recent flooding in the area, the animals were forced to change their habitat. They are in unfamiliar territory,” said a rescue worker.

The rescuers first gave the kangaroo a tranquilizer to put it to sleep for a short while. This made it easier and safer to get it out – which the team did. The rescued kangaroo was taken to a shelter. There, they determined the male was elderly. It was found to have suffered a head injury from a fall, and they immediately began to rehabilitate it.

At the shelter, the kangaroo slowly recovered, and was finally fully healthy! It was later released back into the wild. It must be very grateful to the people who once didn’t leave it in its time of need. Thank you for saving it!

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