A lonely sick kitten was squeaking in the man’s yard

The man noticed a lonely fluffy crumb with sore eyes, which was squeaking in his yard. There was no mother cat or other kittens nearby, and the baby did not know where to go..

This baby was spotted in his backyard by a resident of North Carolina, USA. He looked around for other kittens or its mother, but couldn’t find any, so he took it to the local shelter, Sparkle Cat Rescue.

The kitty fell into the good hands of volunteers. It was found to have a severe eye infection and some health problems, but quickly began to be treated. A place of temporary care was quickly found for the kitty – a volunteer Sarah took the animal home.

The baby received the nickname Julia, and began her journey to recovery. The guardian fed her by the hour, treated her eyes and did everything to make this girl feel comfortable.

Surrounded by care and love, Julia quickly began to recover. She turned out to be very sweet, gentle and sociable, and she was also very grateful to the guardian for saving her.

Over the next few weeks, Julia grew up, became stronger and even more active. She had a great appetite and will to live, so she quickly got rid of all health problems.

This baby loves to be in the company of other animals and people. She has already found furry friends at the place of temporary care, constantly asks the guardian for affection, and loves to play hide-and-seek.

At the same time, one local resident was looking for a kitty to keep her pet cat company. And she found Julia, falling in love at first sight! Only after seeing her, she took her home the same day.

That’s how Julia got a family. Now she lives next to a loving owner and a feline “sister”, and is really happy. This girl has come a long way. Thanks to the kind people who saved her!

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