A kitten who can’t walk learned to stand on her paws and found a better mother in a husky

A kitten that can’t walk learns to stand on its paws and finds a better mother in a husky.


A 3-week-old kitten was discovered by a family in Alaska in their backyard. The kitten had apparently escaped from the brood and its mother was frightened and ran off in a panic, taking the rest of the kittens with her.

The kitten couldn’t escape – its hind legs didn’t work. The move to the house was clearly stressful for the kitten, but it did not shake its natural cheerfulness and morale.

His condition remained poor. Not only did his lower body not work, but he could not eat by himself!

And for the first few weeks he had to be fed every 2-3 hours until he started to recover.

And if his first few days were spent in a cocoon of blankets, his behaviour became more and more inquisitive and fidgety, with temporary difficulties that only served to soften him.

One of the volunteers called Shannon offered to introduce the kitten to one of his three huskies – an excellent teacher with a magical soul, he said.

The husky’s name was Sinda. More than any of Shannon’s other dogs on the street, she was perfectly comfortable with both strangers and cats.

She got on well with everyone. As a result, she immediately became the protector of one of the kittens, who, sensing the reliability of such protection, curled up in a ball between his front paws and purred loudly.

Meanwhile, the rescuers found the lost mother and all her cubs, and Kitten was reunited with them.

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