A homeless kitten found a home after becoming attached to an indoor cat.

The woman decided to help the poor animal as much as she could by giving it food. Alice’s first cat, named Audrey, also noticed the new foster. The cat quickly made friends with the cub, as its owner later discovered that the cat lacked interaction with its own kind and was delighted to find a friend.

The first meeting between Audrey and the poor kitten was particularly adorable: Audrey extended its paw over the fence as if trying to perform a handshake while fearing Alice’s reaction.

After seeing this cute scene, the owner decided to let the stray cat onto her property. Audrey began to lick its new friend, run around it, and express how happy it was to meet it. The kitten, which Alice later named Agra, spent the whole day exploring the yard.

The young cat and the stray turned out to be a girl, was not at all afraid to explore new places and repeated everything after its older companion.

And Alice just couldn’t kick the poor animal back off the property. The woman says she would never get a second cat, but it seems her first one decided everything for her.

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