A guy found an outdoor cat with babies under the bed and they became a big family

British filmmaker Paris Zarcilla found another person’s cat under his bed two years ago, which had just given birth to kittens. The guy had never had a cat and didn’t know what to do… This is what happened to them two years later.

Paris Zarcilla works as a filmmaker and lives in London. Back in 2018, this guy shared a touching story on Twitter. He unexpectedly found an unknown cat under his bed with newborn kittens. The mama cat had apparently run in through the open door of his house, deciding that this was the place to give birth to the babies.

The guy was shocked, because he had never had a cat and didn’t know what to do – but he didn’t abandon his feline family. He consulted the vets and took the kittens into his care, posting their progress on social media. Thousands of followers followed the kittens and their mother.

Two years have passed since then, and what do you think happened to those kittens? The guy decided to keep the whole family! He became so attached to them that he couldn’t imagine his life without the gang. Paris now lives with five kittens and adores them.

They recently celebrated two years together. “Happy birthday, family. I love you incredibly as you have brought so much light into my life. I’m forever yours,” the boy tweeted on the big day.

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