A giant pair of rabbits takes care of a little girl

When Jenn Eckert had her daughter, she had no idea how the baby girl’s first encounter with her pets would be.

Alfie and Amelia, the rabbits, were immediately curious about the new family member. “Alfie tried to jump into the car seat and Amelia just sniffed around baby Bailey. I knew right away they were going to be friends,” Jenn said.

Baby is always in the centre of the rabbits’ attention. They lie down next to her when she sleeps.

As the girl has been seeing rabbits since birth, she is used to them. She usually rolls over so that she can see her big-eared friends.

Bailey is already able to feed them treats.

“Bailey is still so young and all three are totally dependent on us for food, a safe place to sleep, love, etc. I think they feel it. It’s like they have their own language that they understand,” shared the girl’s mother.

Alfie and Amelia are Flandre rabbits, also called Flemish giants. They usually weigh between 6 and 10 kilos. They have an easy-going character. They live up to 10 years.

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