A friend in trouble will not leave: a little kitten saved a puppy

It so happened that the kitten Chickie and the puppy Lil Nugget simultaneously got into the shelter Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center. Although the kitten was very small, it was healthy and active. But baby Lil Nugget came here in a very bad condition. He was sick.

The puppy was delivered to the shelter by one man, who found him. He felt so sorry for the baby, he just begged the vet to save him. During the examination, it turned out that his temperature was greatly inflated, and his glucose level was extremely low. The doctor started treatment. But neither medications nor ivs helped in any way. No one could figure out what was going on.

One of the doctors came up with the idea of putting a kitten next to a sick patient. And so they did. And the incredible thing happened — they became friends and Lil began to recover.

It took only two weeks, and the puppy was already completely healthy and had a real friend. As the veterinarian explained, Lil was still very young when he was separated from his mother, brothers and sisters. And he was in a lot of pain because of this, he could not recover. And Chikki helped him to get out of this terrible state.

At this age, puppies are quickly taken away from the shelter. But in order to avoid problems in the future, the workers set a condition — the dog can only be picked up with a kitten. Because they are so close to each other that it is a crime to separate them.

But as it turned out, there was no problem. Their future owners instantly fell in love with them. Today, friends are already living in a new house. They are happy and very much in love.

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